MK Productions: SERVICES

A worldly knowledge of music combined with an insatiable appetite for technology has
pushed MK Productions to the forefront in the Mobile Disc Jockey industry.

MK offers:

   Professional/Energetic DJ entertainers/Emcees
   Unparalleled music library
   Vinyl/CD/Digital Turntables with Microphone systems
   1000-10 000 Watt Sound System
   Basic/ Semi-Intelligent/ Intelligent/ Laser Light Show
   Stages/Stage FX
   Fog/Bubble/Confetti Cannons
   Prize giveaways/interactive games!
   And much, much more!!!

MK Productions: PROMOTIONS!!!

MK Productions gives out the unconditional, no-strings attached promotional offers to
the following organizations:

  10% off if you are a YRDSB School
  10% off if you are an employee of the YRDSB
0% off if you are a Queen's Alumni or Student

MK's Philosophy:

Our business is you! You want it, you’ll get it, regardless of the type of music, lights,
sounds etc.  We strive to keep our clients fully satisfied and
ask that you refer to our
testimonials to see what our satisfied clients have said about us.

Our DJ’s are unparalleled when it comes to the depth of musical knowledge and
extensive MCing experience!  You even get to choose the DJ yourself!  WARNING: ALL
DJ’s have a contagious energetic attitude which if let loose could push your party until
the early dawn!

Most events come with full backup equipment and always with a stand by DJ in the
case of an unforeseen circumstance.  As well, your DJ will stay for the duration of your
upon request, so your DJ is yours for the duration!  We are extremely punctual
and are always prepared an hour earlier than the start time of your event.

For general information, please feel free to contact us@:

                 Phone: 416 889-9150
                               1-(866) 242-1555
MK Services